Bethlehem: Christmas in Holy Land

  It’s been one of the most surreal experiences in my life; an exchange of elements which otherwise wouldn’t take place at the same time. In any way in which you would see it, it was nothing more than the typical discourse of mankind defending their ideals: on the one hand, strongly armed Arab men... Continue Reading →


A veces me invade el miedo de que esto sea sólo un sueño, que despierte y no estés a mi lado que segundo a segundo, la realidad se lleve todo rastro del calor de tu cuerpo. Yo no sé si de verdad se puede ser tan feliz, o es sólo un invento del universo una... Continue Reading →

Not just another guy

  He sparks a conversation with me. He describes himself as a simple cellphone repairer. No studies, no special skill other than dismantling machines and putting them back together. In a world where a paper mistakenly defines your intelligence and capacities. Even I fall in that trap, sometimes. The first time I saw him crossing the... Continue Reading →

Weekend getaway: Paris

It might sound like a cliche, but the most beautiful city in the world has something that inevitably attracts the romantic souls. Its impossible not to fall in love with Paris: from its narrow streets filled with the smell of backed goods in Le Marais, to its wide avenues stacked with houses of blue roofs... Continue Reading →

Traveling through food: India.

As many know, India has some of the most delicious food on the planet. Its richness and variety, comes from mirroring the cultural and spiritual heritage of the country: From the Buddhist temples resting on top of the inhospitable Kashmiri mountains, through the Jain temples on the arid Rajasthany desert, the catholic churches near the... Continue Reading →

The spiritual path to Greece

Imposing and proud, the monasteries of Meteora rise over singularly-shaped rocky mountains: they crown the skies just like the shiniest and best conserved heritage. I always thought of Greece as a country rich in roots, great food and history. But little did I imagine that my trip would be, above all, a very spiritual one.... Continue Reading →

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